Operational and Situational Protocol Officer Job Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
☛ What, in your opinion, are the responsibilities of a security guard?
☛ Describe your experience with computers.
☛ What surveillance systems are you familiar with?
☛ What would you do if you caught a fellow security officer sleeping on the job?
☛ What would you do if a visitor to your facility resisted metal screening upon entering?
☛ Have you ever felt like you were in physical danger on the job? How did you handle it?
☛ How would you handle incidents such as theft or vandalism?
☛ How would you control large crowds at events?
☛ Recall a time an unauthorized person tried to enter your building. How did you respond?
☛ What if an authorized person, such as a senior executive, tried to enter the building after hours but didn't have proper credentials? What would you do?
☛ Who would you deal with first: the group of guests on the first floor or the emergency situation on the 4th floor?
☛ Walk me through the standard procedures for admitting guests at your previous job.
☛ When would you need to use arms to diffuse a situation?
☛ Are you prepared to use medical training to save a life?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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