Tell me does the accounting system appear to facilitate one specialty from financial, auditing, or cost managerial or tax accounting over the others?

Submitted by: Muhammad
The elegance of Accounting is that it is a purveyor of information, organized into systems, and exploited for a particular purpose. That is because Accounting is vague. Interestingly, information from accounting can be split into to methods:
☛ 1. Valuation
☛ 2. Evaluation

1. Valuation – This is the type of information that financial/Tax/Cost accounting attempts to tackle. What is that worth? How much of it came from this source of value? What will be the asset be worth in ten years? All of these questions are valuation methods and accounting provides an informational standpoint from which to analyze these questions and ascertain an answer to them.

2. Evaluation – This would be your classical managerial accounting. Did employee A provide hire effort? What should compensation look like? How are we performing? All are evaluation questions. Evaluation is especially important to Internal Audit and the control environment. You can easily image a professor conducting evaluation accounting to assign proper reward to students who exhibit learning through testing.
Submitted by: Muhammad

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