What are the various role and responsibilities of organization SQA?

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There are some interesting challenges for SQA role &
activities in my organization.
This is with reference to Software Industry.

Basically there is at a gross level lack of compliance to
Quality Management system (This is more to do with a mindset
issue & ego, high esteem perspective, ‘I can delivery
without QMS')

Even the people in escalation path just listen, but do not
take much action.

SQA is supposed to co-ordinate reviews (tech and management)
However the fact is that practitioners preciously know when
a review is required as they have higher and bigger stake in
the project and they do it exactly when required
irrespective of what SQA says.
SQA is then merely a coordinator.

If SQA recommends a practice, no one follows (even though it
is understood that SQA is a customer advocate), when the
same thing is asked by customer, without fail everyone follows!

I find something wrong with the way SQA
Roles/Responsibilities are defined & implemented in the
organization I work with.

In one of the CMM Books I came across a Disadvantage of SQA
concept that was indicative of organizations would not want
to assign their best technical talent into such roles.
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