What is the use of proxy in SNMP. Does it require only when the network has snmpv1 and snmpv2?

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Proxy can be defined as an intermediately device,
which plays the role of an agent in the Context of SNMP.It
works as a Virtual LAN to the Devices Which are not having
an Ethernet Inerface,Like MODEMS and Multiplexers.

By using the SNMPPROXY we can Know the STATUS of
these(MODEMS etc) devices.

When an Agent performs PROXY role,it acs on the behalf of
one or more other nodes.A NETWORK MANAGER that wishes ti
obtain the information from or control the node
communicates with the proxy agent.The proxy agent then
translates the MANAGER's request to a form appropriate for
the arget sysem and uses an appropriate nework management
protocol to communicate with the target system.
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