1. What are the few final round interview question you should ask interviewer?

Here are some questions that show an interest:
☛ You may ask questions that are related to the projects/missions in which the company/team is working on now.
☛ You can also ask questions on duties and responsibilities for the said job.
☛ What are the next interviewing steps - the hiring process?
☛ Are they planning to check your references?
☛ When will the hiring decision be made?
☛ Share the positive things that you know about the company.
☛ You can also suggest sending samples of your work, if appropriate.

2. List some tactical questions to ask interviewer in the final round?

Questions such as:
☛ How soon can I start working in this position? as compared to a similar question "How soon do you plan on filling this position?"
☛ When shall I expect to hear back from you? as compared to "When do you intend to make the hiring decision?" or "What is the next step for consideration?"
☛ Who are my team members? as compared to "how many members does the team consist of?"

3. Are you applying for other jobs as well?

You can answer this question with honesty, normally they know that it is quiet obvious that you would be applying some where else also. So sincerely say yes I have been applying to some of the best companies which I intend to target as my career plan and this company is on my priority list. Avoid discussing too much on this topic and try to divert their attention to something related to the job for which you are applying.

4. What was a situation when your work was criticized?

Answer the question by simply mentioning that you take criticism as a positive thing and don't really get depressed or feel low. Instead you try learning from your experiences good or bad and improve further and work to the best of your ability and knowledge.

5. Can we contact your present employer for reference?

This question is generally asked to see your reaction. Better stay calm and cheerful and with a smile you can say yes absolutely sir with pleasure. But not now as he is not aware of my job search once I am selected you may call him for reference and I am sure you will get a positive response.

6. Why would you like to work for our organization?

This is the question where your prior research and homework about the company will come in handy. You might have already learned about the vision and mission of the company and it would be a great idea to relate your long term career goals to that of the companies. You can also talk about the job profile and help them understand your enthusiasm and passion about the domain you are stepping into.

7. Why have you had so many jobs?

Now this is a tricky question and you need to answer it to mark a positive impression. Generally they would put up this question to see if you are a job hopper. While answering this question you should describe each job as part of your career goal. Remember that you should never blame any of your previous employers. If needed you can even attribute your job change to conditions beyond your control.

8. What is the most enjoyable part of working in a company?

You can answer this question by saying that team work and individual contribution are the two things that you enjoy most while working in a company. Plus you can also mention that excelling in my work and getting the right experience is the key to success for me.

9. Why did you resign from your previous job?

Start by thanking the previous company for providing great learning experience and helping you enhance your skill sets. Than you can include that there is no more learning opportunity in the company to develop your skills and you think you need more responsibility to showcase your talents in the most optimum way.

10. Explain why should we hire you?

I agree the first thought that comes to your mind is "Because I am the best", but that is not what he wants to hear. Answer the question by talking about your talents and skills that match the job profile. Plus you can also include 2 to 3 related work experiences and how you excelled in it.

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