1. Do you know what are the major functions of human resource?

The major functions of human resource include:
HR planning
☛ Recruitment and hiring
☛ Training and development
☛ Employee evaluation and appraisal
☛ Compensation and benefits
☛ Employee relations

2. How does your academic and professional background relate to the human resource assistant position?

The best answer relates the academic major courses and what you learnt that can practically help you in your job. For example carrying out job analysis, conducting interviews, and handling employee performance appraisals. In addition, describe your previous human resource related jobs, where you worked, and what were your responsibilities. Compare your duties with the prospective company's human resource assistant job description to make them see that you fit perfectly.

3. Please tell us what are the duties of human resource assistant?

The human resource assistant is often the individual responsible for maintaining employee records, processing payroll, conducting interviews and acting as an employee advocate. It is important for any company to hire the right person for this role since the HR department is there to facilitate dialogue between employers and employees.

4. Where would you rate yourself in managing positive relations with coworkers, resource providers, clients, internal / external stakeholders?

Do not rate yourself below 7 in any rating, even if you lack at something. This shows your confidence and how much you believe in yourself. Give examples from you professional or academic life. Also show that you are good at conflict resolution. Given a situation, say an unhappy employee files a complaint against another staff member, explain how effectively you deal with this situation.

5. Do you think you will be able to perform your duties with complete responsibility as human resource assistant?

Quote some statements from the job description and relate your qualifications to the same, such as making payrolls, carrying out training sessions and employee orientations, and the knowledge of the HRIS system.
you will be confident enough to relate it with your skills and experience and show your sense of responsibility.

6. Do you have prior recruitment experience in human resource?

List the relevant positions you held in the past, varying in types and requirements. Draw attention towards different kinds of professionals you hired or assisted in hiring process. The versatile your range of positions that you hired, the more your chances are of getting selected.

7. What are your functional expertise as human resource assistant?

If you have any knowledge or exposure to human resource practices, you might be asked questions about general human resource principles, such as fair employment regulations. Even if you do not have previous work experience in human resource, this would be a good topic to study before your interview. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Labor. They enforce employment and civil rights laws and wage and hour laws, respectively.

8. Please tell us briefly about your involvement with various company personnel as human resource assistant?

Human resource assistants are generally involved in recruitment, training and development, which are great examples of significant involvement with personnel. They may also be involved in subtle, sensitive things like staff relations and human resource related organizational changes.

9. Tell me about your work history in human resource?

The human resource hiring manager or recruiter might ask you to provide a summary of your work history. Describing a stable work history suggests that you are committed to your employer and while your previous duties may not have involved human resource related tasks, you probably have some transferable skills that would be helpful to you in an human resource assistant role.
If you have a customer service background, it shows that you are capable of fielding inquiries from a variety of people and sources, as well as handling competing priorities.

10. How would you say is multitasking important to human resource assistant?

Being an assistant usually means you are responsible for a number of jobs at once. You participate in recruitment and training. You manage documentation and report to senior management. You appear at staff meetings. Doing all of these at once requires time management and multitasking ability.

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