1. What do you dislike about your present job as Wait Staff?

Talk about what you dislike in your job, and why you dislike it. Explain what you do when you have to do things you dislike. How do you move past your dislike and motivate yourself to work hard?

2. Tell me what types of office equipment have you used?

Computer, Software on the computer, copier, fax machine, VOIP phones, collaborative tools like Sharepoint / Gmail, heavy machinery, filing systems, etc.

3. Are you willing to work overtime/nights/weekends as Wait Staff?

If you are willing to work these times, then say that. If you are not, explain why. This can get tricky, as you don't necessarily want to explain why if it gets too personal (talking about your family or that you go to church on certain days).

4. Have you ever been asked to leave a position as Wait Staff?

Be honest because this could come out in a reference check. Explain why you were asked to leave the job, and what you have learned from the experience.

5. Tell me how many gas stations are there in the US?

Work backwards on this to find the answer: There are 50 states with the mean population being X million. For every X million of people there are Y number of gas stations. Thus X times Y gives you the number of gas stations in the US.

6. What is your salary expectation for this job as Wait Staff?

Do your market research prior to the interview to determine what a fair salary is for your experience and education for this position in this geographic area. Salary.com is just once place to find this information. Never say, "I don't know" or "it's negotiable" because it makes you look like you don't know your worth.

7. Tell me why is there fuzz on a tennis ball?

The fuzz slows down the ball in flight, keeps it from bouncing too high, and lets the racket get a better "grip" on it. A perfectly smooth ball would travel so fast and bounce so high that the game would be unplayable. Also, with a smooth ball, it would be much more difficult for the player to control the direction of the shots.

8. When have you been most satisfied in your career as Wait Staff?

This question is designed to see what makes you happy and what motivates you. Explain why the particular example made you feel satisfied.

9. Do you know how many NetFlix DVDs get lost in the mail each year?

Make assumptions or ask questions to begin. For example, let's assume that there are 15 million customers that leverage mail in DVDs. Of those 15 million, assuming there is a 1% loss rate, than you'll have 150,000 DVDs that are lost in the mail each year.

10. Do you know what is the employee turnover rate in your area?

This is a test to see how quickly you change jobs. Stress that you're investing your energy, time and efforts into this company for the long run (if you truly are)

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