1. Explain me what's more, that the waitress has to do?

It is not enough to just take the order and provide them a bill. I will also check whether the table arrangement is good and comfortable for the customer. Have to check whether the glasses and other spoons, forks, knives are available. Also check whether the water is refilled in the middle of the meal.

Find whether the food is good, or if there are any issues try to solve them, replace the food if something went wrong. Help the customers if they want anything else from a meal like desserts, etc.

2. Tell us how would you handle a guest that was upset with their meal?

This is a great time to showcase your problem solving skills. Talk about how you would first want to make sure that you understood what the customers needed and ensure them that you were going to try to make things better. Try to bring up examples from your current or past employment that are relevant and that help showcase your customer service and problem solving skills.

3. Do you know what do you know about waitress role?

The waitress had to take orders from the guests and serve them with their desired menu. As soon as the guest appears you have to greet them and provide them with menu card.

Once they have decided to order, note the order and provide the same order to kitchen staff so that they prepare the food and can be served with the help of a boy.

4. Please tell us what are your additional skills?

In this fast and competitive world, the employer expects an additional skill that can be enclosed for the purpose of successful turnover of the restaurant business. And that's why the candidate should have some special skills like bar attending or anything, this provides a possibility that the candidate might get selected for the waitress job offered.

5. Tell us what is the best part as a waitress?

One can prove as a unique candidate by answering this question. Like, it is not routine job, it will give the opportunity to meet different kind of people. One should be able to convince and satisfy the customer with their service.

It gives chance to prove, interpersonal skills. Every customer is different so have to deal with each one according to their behavior. It gives a lot of satisfaction by serving and getting feedback from the customers. It is a chance to present yourself and gives chance to develop in career.

6. Tell us what is your favourite part about being a waitress?

Waitressing gives me the opportunity to learn on my feet and I get to serve different customers. As there are new people in the restaurant every day, it means every day is different.

Interviewers want to see you have passion for the job. Use this opportunity to show why you applied for a waitressing job rather than an office vacancy.

7. Tell us can You Describe a Situation in which You Helped a Difficult Customer?

As with any business, restaurant patrons will sometimes have complaints and it will likely be your responsibility to resolve them. Perhaps a steak was underdone; perhaps another member of the wait staff was rude or unkind to the customer. Whether or not the example you can provide is directly related to the restaurant business is often irrelevant. For example, “When I worked in retail sales, I once assisted a woman who had purchased a defective product. Although she had to go through the manufacturer for a replacement which made the process difficult, I walked her through it each step of the way to achieve a resolution” is a perfect answer.

8. Tell me what does “hospitality” mean to you?

The dictionary defines hospitality as “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.” A great candidate will sum this up in their own words, giving you a warm and fuzzy feeling.

9. Tell me how would you help in the success of a restaurant as Waiter Or Waitress?

The answer should be positive otherwise it will lead to disqualify you for not being flexible. It should be something like

“Yes I am ready to serve the organization whenever they need my help.

Sometimes the restaurant may be houseful with crowd and short of staff. Then I will be always there to work hard for the success of the restaurant.

10. Tell us do You Have any Related Degrees or Certificates?

Most waiters and waitresses do not have any degrees or certificates that are specific to their fields. Thus, if you are able to obtain any certifications such as those in food handling or even a certificate in foodservice, you will be a much more valuable asset to your employer. “I earned the Oregon State Food Handing Certification in 2013 and I took a six-week course in proper foodservice techniques in 2015” would be a great reply. You should bring any certificates with you to the interview and present them when this question arises.

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