Can you explain is there any limitations for holystic estimation?

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Estimation is a crucial element of software project
planning. Unfortunately, there are inherent limitations in
the ability to estimate projects accurately due to the
inherent uncertainties in software projects.

In 1968, Alfred Pietrasanta of IBM System Research
Institute wrote, "Anyone who expects a quick and easy
solution to the multifaceted problem of resource estimation
is going to be disappointed." Thirty years later, Lionel
Briand and his colleagues observed that "Despite the large
number of cost factors collected and the rigorous data
collection, a lot of uncertainty in the estimates can be
observed" (Briand et al., "An Assessment and Comparison of
Common Software Cost Estimation Methods," Proc. Int'l Conf.
Software Eng., [ICSE], IEEE 1999, pp. 313322). It's now
2006, and we still have problems with estimation.
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