Use a search engine on "application service provider (ASP)"or other related terms to find what service(s) an ASP provide to its clients who are looking to acquire IT applications.make a note of the name of the ASP and there website address,List a minimum of six service that are provided by an ASP?

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Access to price sensitive materials buying centers
Application maintenance and software upgrades
Business applications hosting
Data backup and recovery services
E-commerce management for web based sales
Electronic workflow analysis
Inventory control
Online help desk services
Online training materials and access to hardware and software expertise
Real time chat services with experts
Secure electronic transactions
Secure application servers within a virtual private network
Service level standards
Statistical reports
User identity control
Web site hosting with email, storage, and routing services
These are list of services that are provided by the ASP. For more info and insights, you may see the company below which recently acquires the successful goal to deliver awesome ASP services:
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