Tell us how would you assess the social media presence of a company?

Submitted by: Muhammad
To assess the social media presence of a company following parameters can be used

☛ Whether company is registered with all the social media sites Pinterest, Facebook, LinkeIn, etc
☛ Frequency of content publication on social sites
☛ Type of content- imagery based/text etc.
☛ Level of audience engagement posts enjoy
☛ Is the description in social media aligned with the company's goals
☛ Is the company's information on social sites are updated and current
☛ Does your social media profiles include relevant links to your website, blog and other social media presence
☛ Does Company follows the right metrics to get more attention from social sites,
☛ Company's employees from all other division or franchises have created their own profile on social networks
☛ Is company's brand consistent on each network like- same logo, company description, etc.
☛ Whether a presence on social sites are used only for pushing out messages or used as a platform to create conversation
Submitted by: Muhammad

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