Tell us how would you deal with a negative comments or a social media crisis?

Submitted by: Muhammad
To deal with a negative or heated comments over social media sites you can use following steps

☛ Respond Quickly: The first 24 hours for any post on the social media site is crucial for any negative comments made. Justify your brand or content if it is legitimate or else apologize if you are wrong. Don't use an approach of tit for tat
☛ Create crisis FAQs: Create a web page and put all the information about the crisis in one place so that it can help you to respond the crisis when it really occurs the FAQs should include
☛ ☛ Acknowledgment of crisis
☛ ☛ Details about the occurrence
☛ ☛ If available, photos or videos
☛ ☛ How company found out
☛ ☛ Specific action takes in response,
☛ Document every facet: Once you hit by the social media crisis record each bit of it like tweets, blog comments, status updates,
☛ Never send third reply: A third reply is an argument and not a justification, on third reply you take it offline
☛ Seek help from experienced community manager: Community manager is aware of the in and out of the product and knows well how to handle disgruntled customers
Submitted by: Muhammad

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