What are two examples of an OLTP environment?

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# Transactions take a matter of seconds or less.
# Many transactions involve a small amount of data.

On Line Banking
On Line Reservation (Transportation like Rail, Air etc.)

1- ATM
2- POS

OLTP is typified by a small number of rows (or records) or a few of many possible tables being accessed in a matter of seconds or less. Very little I/O

processing is required to complete the transaction. For eg.

1. This type of transaction takes place when we take out money at an ATM. Once our card is validated, a debit transaction takes place against our current

balance to reflect the amount of cash withdrawn.

2. This type of transaction also takes place when we deposit money into a checking account and the balance gets updated.

We expect these transactions to be performed quickly. They must occur in real time.
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