1. If assume we paid 50/- as an advance for worth or 100/- goods, but our supplier sent only up to 25/- worth of goods. Know my question is that we want to close the transaction now. How it possible?
2. What about VAT like Tax Setups in AP and AR?
3. what about the SWEEP command in AP?

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First there shouldn't be assumptions in transactions. If you received 25 of worth in exchange of 50 advances you can close it for a temp. The transaction entry would be...

Supplier A/c Debit 25

Received Goods A/c Debit 25

Cash paid A/c Credit 50
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Use the Unposted Invoice Sweep Program to transfer all unposted invoices and payments from one accounting period to another. You can submit this program when you need to close a period that has unposted invoices or payments in it, since Payables does not allow you to close a period having unposted invoices and payments.

The program transfers unposted invoice distributions and payments to the period you specify by updating its GL dates to the first day of the new period. You can then close the accounting period from which Payables moved the invoices and payments.

Note: If you adjust the GL Date of a foreign currency invoice or payment, Payables automatically recalculates the exchange Rate Date and Rate unless you have manually entered a different Rate Date.
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