1. Describe your work style as Architect?

Describe the positive aspects of your work style if possible, including: work ethic, attention to detail, interpersonal skills, skill sets (analytical or otherwise), leadership abilities, communication skills.

2. What is mansard?

A two-pitched roof with a steep lower slope that typically rises to a more gently sloped upper portion. The space formed by the mansard roof allows for additional living space.

3. What is doric?

The Doric order, the earliest type of classical Greek architecture, has a simple yet powerful capital design.

4. How have you achieved your success as Architect?

Discuss stories of how you've progressed over the years to achieve success. People relate best to stories.

5. What is gambrel?

A roof shape characterized by a pair of shallow pitch slopes above a steeply pitched slope on each side of a center ridge.

6. What is palladian?

Neo-classical architecture in the style modeled after the Italian architect Andrea Palladio aka Andrea di Pietro Della Gondola.

7. What is fa├žade?

The exterior faces of a building, often used to refer to the wall in which the building entry is located.

8. What are your lifelong dreams as Architect?

If your dreams don't relate to the job closely, make sure you highlight aspects of the job that will help develop the skills that will help you with your dreams. Ideally, you want your dreams to relate strongly to the career path you're interviewing for though.

9. What is spire?

A cone shaped roof element with a steep point.

10. What is clapboard?

One of a series of boards used for siding. It is usually installed horizontally and the board is most often tapered in cross-section.

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