1. Tell me why is communication considered the backbone of a leasing agent's work?

As an apartment leasing agent, one has to be in constant contact with residents, potential clients and vendors. Having to constantly meet with people, provide them with information and understand their demands, communication is a necessary element for someone working at this position.

2. What major challenges and problems did you face at your last position?

Many problems I faced happened when customers weren't happy about being charged for something they hadn't wanted or something they weren't aware wasn't free. I'd have to assist the situation by telling the customer the rules and as to why they've been charged.

3. Do you know what are the 3 top skills needed to succeed as a leasing agent?

Strong convincing power, sales acumen and ability to draft lease contracts in light of knowledge of the state approved laws are a must to succeed in this profession.

4. Tell me what do you do to ensure a good occupancy rate?

I look into the building maintenance issues regularly and ensure timely resolution of resident complains to enhance client retention. I also help in developing marketing material and promoting the apartment online which leads to attainment of high occupancy rates.

5. Tell me what critical component of this position makes the work challenging?

Apart from sales and customer services, marketing is also considered a valuable component. Neither customer services nor sales are possible without effective marketing. Promoting a new property or gaining a customer bank is virtually impossible if one does not have good marketing skills. And since the type of marketing efforts needed in each situation differs, this is where the challenge comes in.

6. Tell me what do you know about our firm?

This Firm is an eleven year old firm with more than 5 residential towers in the NY area and you currently have 700+ units for renting lease. You also enjoy the reputation of delivering high quality living standards for individuals and families seeking rental living space in the area.

7. Explain a difficult experience related to this line of work and how you handled it?

Once a client agreed on a two monthly installment plan and at the time of payment he denied it and said that he had signed monthly lease. I handled the situation by showing him my copy of the draft and serving as mediator in a negotiation meeting between both parties where the resident requested a revision of the lease and the landlord eventually agreed on their terms thus the issue was resolved and we succeeded in retaining the resident.

8. Explain a difficult project and how you overcame it?

A customer's lay away was left on the floor, and sold to another customer by a salesman unaware it had previously been sold. When the customer came in to make his payment and pick up his gear he was upset to hear we had sold his guitar. The guitar was a buy in from a few years ago and was hard to locate the same model and color. After awhile of searching we came across an identical product in our Texas store. Upon calling and explaining the situation the operations manager priority shipped the guitar to our store. The customer was so excited to have his guitar and appreciated all the work that went in to finding it.

9. Explain me what are the duties of a leasing agent?

An apartment leasing agent is responsible for soliciting residents, conducting background checks, drafting lease agreements, obtaining signage and ensuring that both parties fully understand all clauses of the lease contract. Additionally, the position is also responsible for conducting building inspection and guided tours and forwarding resident complaints to the management for swift and appropriate resolution.

10. As you know everyone has to bend or break rules sometimes, give me an example when you had to do just that?

The only time I've had to bend a rule is while with a customer. Sometimes when they're unsatisfied I'd have to talk to my manager and come up with a plan that would satisfy the customer even though it may bend some rules.

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