1. Do you know what is floating slab foundation?

A floating concrete foundation is a type of mat foundation that consists of the hollow mat formed by a grid of thick reinforced concrete walls between two thick reinforced concrete slabs.

2. Tell me what is 1/8 on the architect ruler denotes?

1/8 on the ruler is infact a scale that converts 1/8 inch on to the drawing to 1 foot. It would represent a drawing with a scale of 1/8”= 1 foot.

3. Tell me what is change order request?

Change order request is a written document issued or given by the owner, requesting an adjustment to the contract sum or an extension of the contract time. Usually, it is issued by the architect or owners representative.

4. Tell me what is alternate bid?

Alternate bid is the amount stated in the bid to be deducted or added from the base bid amount. Alternate bid is proposed when there is a use of alternate materials or methods of construction.

5. Explain me what made you choose the profession of a laborer?

To be honest, I came into this profession by sheer chance. I was an ace student in shop class in high school and when I graduated from high school, I realized that this was my vocation. I have been working as a laborer ever since.

6. Tell me what is Hybrid Foundation?

Hybrid Foundation is usually used for high rise building, it contains both soil supported mat and piles. This type of foundation is helpful in reducing the amount of the settlement.

7. Tell me what is structural frames or systems?

Structural frames are a load bearing assembly of beams and columns on a foundation. Normally, the columns and beams are generally fabricated off site and assembled on site.

8. Tell us how do you measure your performance as labourer?

I believe that I am highly qualified for this position as I have performed quite well over the years. With a lot of experience over the past nine years, I would rate myself at least an 8 on a scale of 10.

9. Do you know what is flashing?

Flashing is an extended construction that is done to seal and protects joints in a building from water penetration. Flashing is installed at the intersecting roofs, walls and parapets.

10. Tell me what are the problems one might face while having a Cantilever balcony?

Cantilever balcony are usually unsupported and extend outwards, so the problem with Cantilever balconies are

☛ Excess deflection or bounce
☛ Weakness of the deck structure
☛ Rot and water damage to the interior of the house
☛ Unevenness inside the house
☛ Can't use the balcony for gardening or other purposes as it is not designed to lift excess amount of weight

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