1. Can you define your supervisory style?

Well, here I can hardly advice you. It depends on your style. It's a tough question, I know. But it's up to you to think about it and prepare a good description of your style.

2. Explain me do you work well on a team? How would you define teamwork?

I would define team work as getting the job done whether that means if I have to do more then the guy next to me as long as the work gets finished.

3. Tell me what is six Sigma?

Six sigma is a data-driven methodology and approach for eliminating defects in any process from manufacturing to transactional and from product to service.

4. Tell me when have you negotiated a better deal with a vendor?

In Care and Maintenance at the moment we fly in on a Tuesday which is our allotted freight day. Discussed with the PH Manager if there was an opportunity to change days of delivery that suits him and as Thursday was there non freight day we agreed on that day. Saved the delivery driver waiting up to 4 hours on site prior to getting unloaded.

5. Please explain us a time you had to introduce important change in your last job?

Your ability to persuade and influence your employees or team members to accept change is key.

Show how you were able to gain support and commitment from them by using the appropriate communication style, by listening and responding to concerns and questions, by asking for their help and commitment and by providing support.

6. Explain me what leadership roles have you had in the past?

I have always worked my way up to leadership positions from the time I was 18 years old. I have been a team leader at a fast food restaurant, a supervisor for a department to a manager at 2 of my previous jobs.

7. Please tell me what do you consider the essential qualities for a supervisor?

In your interview answer include these key competencies or skills that apply to all supervisor jobs. Planning and organizing, problem-solving, decision-making, delegating, motivating, influencing, communicating and managing conflict.

8. Explain me how would you observe the level of motivation of your subordinates?

Choosing the right metrics and comparing productivity of everyone on daily basis is a good answer, doesn't matter in which company you apply for a supervisory role.

9. Please explain do you have supervising experience?

Yes, I have supervised up to 30 employees in one department. Each employee is different and each is handled according to their working techniques. however, one must never lose focus of the goal of the department and should enforce rules and regulation for everyone equally.

10. What are some of the motivations of a supervisor? What are your motivations?

Speak about different styles of management that you have observed and admired. Describe how you have attempted to shape your style, using your abilities, and selecting the processes with which you felt you could achieve the most. Admiring others' accomplishments allows you to speak about yours as well, in a non-conceited manner. When discussing strengths and weaknesses, use the sandwich technique. List a few strengths, mention a weakness briefly, and conclude with more positive attributes. It is not necessary to list more than one weakness. If applicable, you may explain what steps you are taking to overcome it.

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