1. How do you deal with troublesome clients?

I rarely have difficult clients! When I do, honesty is the key to working it out. If someone doesn't like what I've done, I ask them to tell me what didn't work. On occasion, when someone has been repeatedly unhappy, I've told them that I obviously can't give them what they want, and recommend another stylist. But the response is always, "Oh, it's not you!" Usually those people are just unhappy with their hair -- they hate the wave or straightness, not what I did. I think, generally, that it works to troubleshoot problems together, and I think of it as a positive thing. I also always welcome my clients to come back at the end of the day if they're not happy with the style or have any challenges.

2. Do you find your own clients? If so, how?

At this point, I have a following -- a clientele that has developed over the years. But for new cosmetologists or stylists, it's all about advertising. A business card is really important. I always carry cards with me, and especially when I was just getting started, I would hand out my cards to friends and new acquaintances and encourage them to come see me. Then there are little rules, like always schedule the next appointment while the client is still there. It helps build consistency and develops your client base.

3. What is one thing you like least about this career?

The thing that can tire me the most is living on a schedule, with cuts every half hour. Everyone is busy, and time is important, so I work hard to stay on schedule and be punctual. That's the most draining part of the job, and the only part that can be stressful for me.

4. Do you build in time for breaks?

Some stylists don't take breaks, but I do. I'm fresher and a better stylist if I give myself short breaks throughout the day. I don't like running late, and I'm particular about staying punctual, so I build my breaks into my schedule.

5. What do you dislike about your job as Beautician?

I dislike the unsociable hours, commuting between clients and having to lug all my heavy kit everywhere!

6. What do you like most about being a cosmetologist?

I love to make people beautiful. And I love my clients. I enjoy being social with them, and being creative in my work.

7. Tell us If you could do any other job/career what would you choose and why?

I would have liked to have been an interior designer.

8. Tell us how will you keep up to date with new products?

Magazines, trends, from your Manager/Company.

9. What kind of person do you need to be to succeed in this job as Beautician?

You need to be sociable, organised and definitely not squeamish! This job isn't as glamorous as you might think. You also have to have lots of tact and empathy - sometimes you feel like a psychiatrist!

10. Tell us why do you think you will make a good beauty therapist?

Remember that salon's do late nights sometimes and always work on a Saturday. It's not a straight 9-5 job.

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