1. Tell me how did you get into your job?

I had to do 2 years at college, obtaining a NVQ level 3 qualification.

2. What is the function of the nail matrix?

The nail matrix is responsible for the production of cells which produce, and help to re-grow, the nail plate itself.

3. What do you dislike about your job as Beauty Therapist?

I dislike the unsociable hours, commuting between clients and having to lug all my heavy kit everywhere!

4. What do you like about your job as Beauty Therapist?

I like the variety of treatments and meeting different peopleā€¦ no two days are the same.

5. Can you explain what does a typical working day involve?

A typical work day for me involves driving to client's houses and personally doing a variety of treatments, from nails to waxing, massage to make-up.

6. Tell me If you could do any other job/career what would you choose and why?

I would have liked to have been an interior designer.

7. List 3 changes that can affect the nail as a result of ageing?

3 changes that can effect nails are a result of ageing are:
Nails may become dull and brittle, tips may begin to fragment, and nails will grow more slowly.

8. What kind of person do you need to be to succeed in this job as Beauty Therapist?

You need to be sociable, organised and definitely not squeamish! This job isn't as glamorous as you might think. You also have to have lots of tact and empathy - sometimes you feel like a psychiatrist!

9. Tell me what do you do for a job?

I provide holistic massage and beauty treatments to women in their own homes as part of a mobile business.

10. What is your biggest weakness as Beauty Therapist?

This question gets asked in pretty much any job interview. Research the company's mission statement and values. Make sure you don't list one of its areas of emphasis as one of your weaknesses. Do be truthful and emphasize that you're working on your weakness. Portray it as positively as you can.

Example: "I get so engrossed in work projects that I tend to focus on work too much-coming in early and staying late. It's definitely something I'm addressing. I recognize that the best employees have a healthy balance in their lives. I have a new strategy that includes never taking work home with me on the weekends."

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