1. What do you know about JAD?

It means Joint Application Development.

2. What is Scrum Method?

It is one of the agile methods, used to develop iterative information systems. In this method a small team works on the assigned tasks for a time period of 30 days usually.

3. What is Agile in Business Analyst?

Agile is basically a technique that uses several light-weight methodologies such as Rapid Application Development (RAD), Extreme Programming (XP) and SCRUM. All these methodologies focus on the development of iterative solutions.

4. What is GAP Analysis?

It is a process of comparing and determining the difference between two things or processes

5. What is SWEBOK in Business Analyst?

It means Software Engineering Body of Knowledge.

6. What are the four key phases in business development?

They are Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing.

7. PEST stand for?

It means Political, Economic, Social, and Technological. It is used to analyze business environment, in which it has to be operated.

8. What is use case points in Business Analyst?

Use Case points are used to evaluate the cost of work done to develop the system.

9. What is V Model in Business Analyst?

V model requires less time and cost.

10. What is Fish Model in Business Analyst?

Fish model is comparatively very costly and time consuming.
Fish model is used when there were no ambiguities in the customers' requirements.

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