1. Explain typical research process?

An analyst focuses on a specific company or industrial segment, researches it's economic performance, and documents it in the form of a report. The report is presented to the company management who then decides how to improve the services

2. Explain characteristics of a successful research analyst?

Research analysts are highly-motivated proactive professionals who are out to make a difference. They are fast-paced, adaptable, dynamic and demonstrate initiative. They are strong team players, have a passion for technology and think creatively.

3. Explain investment analyst reports of equity research?

Investment analyst reports contain advice on whether to buy or sell the securities of specific companies or industries. They are produced by research analysts employed by firms that may have an interest in selling securities; however, they can provide a useful model to students in understanding how investment professionals analyze an industry and what data points they find of most interest.

4. Explain the difference between an associate and an analyst in investment banking?

In Investment Banking, the analyst role is the lowest level in the organizational chart. The analyst usually reports to an associate, and therefore the associate in Investment Banking ranks higher than the analyst.

5. Does money motivate you?

Motivate a little in the sense that it's one form of measurement for success. But otherwise not a whole lot. Partly why I would not consider banking at this point in my life as I personally do place a value on my free time and would forgo a potentially bigger payoff via the banking/PE route.

6. Which keeps you motivated?

Even if I win the lottery tomorrow, I would still live my life exactly the same. I'm pretty content at the moment so just keeping the course is enough to motivate me for now.

7. Have you ever considered leaving your job to start your own company?

No, I'm not emotionally attached to the things I do, so for me starting my own business limits my flexibility if I'm financially invested.

8. Tell me which industries have you worked with in the capacity of a research analyst?

Describe the industries or companies you analyzed in the past. Also mention the companies or clients you worked for who are fairly predictable, but be specific.

9. Explain the difference between an associate and an analyst in equity research?

In Equity Research, the associate is the lowest role in the organizational hierarchy and the associate reports to the analyst.

10. What is equity research process?

Multiple steps are involved in the equity research process, which are given below:
1. Economic Analysis
2. Industry Analysis
3. Company Analysis
4. Financial Statement Analysis
5. Financial and Valuation Modeling
6. Report Writing
7. Presentation or Recommendation

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