1. Typical defects discovered during static analysis are?

★ Referencing a variable with undefined value
★ Variables declared but used nowhere
★ Dead code
★ Programming standards and syntax violation
★ Security vulnerabilities

2. Who leads a walk through?

Author presents the document to audience where a goal can be knowledge sharing or communication purpose.

5. What is a formal review technique?

Walk through and peer to peer are informal review techniques.

6. During review meeting, defects are logged by?

During review meeting, author or scribe logs a defect.

7. Different roles in review are assigned during:

Different roles in review are assigned during planning phase so same defects are not found by reviewer.

8. Entry criteria is determined during which phase?

Entry criteria is determined during planning phase where document under review is checked to see whether it fulfills certain standards to ensure that whole review process will not be waste of time if document has too many small mistakes.

9. What are the benefits of static testing?

★ Early feedback of a quality
★ Less rework cost
★ Increased developmental productivity

10. Which can be found using static testing techniques?

Static testing is method of reviewing a product without executing it so it will find defects. If, we execute the product with defect we encounter a failure.

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