1. Described Pareto Analysis?

It is a decision making technique, also known as 80/20 rule. It is used for quality control and defect resolution. It explains few factors that can be responsible for big problems. It is named as 80/20 rule, because as per this rule, 80 % effects in the system, arises from 20 % causes.

2. Described BCG Matrix?

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix is developed to analyze several of business processes and new product offerings from companies. It is a useful tool that can be used in portfolio analysis, strategic management, product management, and brand marketing.

3. Define swimlane in Business Analysis?

A swimlane is related to group activities on an activity diagram.

4. Which types of actor can be there in a Use-Case?

There are primary and secondary actors. Primary actors start the process and secondary actors assist them. Moreover, actors can be of four types such as Human, System, Hardware and Timer.

5. Described Pair-Choice Technique?

The pair-Choice Technique is used to give priority to various items in a process. It is mainly used when distinctive stakeholders are involved in the project. This technique asks from the group to compare each item with the other and select the one having highest priority.

6. How many key areas are there in a Kano Analysis?

They are three in number, namely as Unexpected Delighters, Performance Attributes and Must Have Attributes.

7. What is Kano Analysis?

Kano Analysis is used to analyze a system in terms of its requirements to identify its impact on customers' satisfaction.

8. List the five basic elements' categories in BPMN?

They are Flow Objects, Data, Connecting Objects, Swimlanes and Artifacts.

9. Explain about Agile Manifesto?

Agile Manifesto is a guide for software developers about the development principles to ensure iterative solutions.

10. Described BPMN Gateway?

BPMN Gateway is a processing modeling component that is used to control flow of interaction, sequence of processes.

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