1. What is RDF?

★ RDF stands for Resource Description Framework
★ RDF is a framework for describing resources on the web
★ RDF is designed to be read and understood by computers
★ RDF is not designed for being displayed to people
★ RDF is written in XML
★ RDF is a part of the W3C's Semantic Web Activity
★ RDF is a W3C Recommendation

2. List some examples of RDF use?

★ Describing time schedules for web events
★ Describing properties for shopping items, such as price and availability
★ Describing content for search engines
★ Describing electronic libraries
★ Describing information about web pages (content, author, created and modified date)
★ Describing content and rating for web pictures

3. Define RDF and the Semantic Web?

The RDF language is a part of the W3C's Semantic Web Activity. W3C's "Semantic Web Vision" is a future where:
★ Web information has exact meaning
★ Computers can integrate information from the web
★ Web information can be understood and processed by computers

4. What is RDF Schema?

RDF Schema (Resource Description Framework Schema, variously abbreviated as RDFS, RDF(S), RDF-S, or RDF/S) is a set of classes with certain properties using the RDF extensible knowledge representation data model, providing basic elements for the description of ontologies, otherwise called RDF vocabularies, intended to structure RDF resources. These resources can be saved in a triplestore to reach them with the query language SPARQL.

5. Give a brief Overview of RDF?

RDF is a standard model for data interchange on the Web. RDF has features that facilitate data merging even if the underlying schemas differ, and it specifically supports the evolution of schemas over time without requiring all the data consumers to be changed.

6. Define RDF main elements?

The main elements of RDF are the root element, <RDF>, and the <Description> element, which identifies a resource.

7. Define RDF Property Value?

A Property value is the value of a Property, such as "XYZ" or "http://www.globalguideline.com" (note that a property value can be another resource)

8. List the RDF rules?

★ RDF uses Web identifiers (URIs) to identify resources.
★ RDF describes resources with properties and property values.

9. Define RDF Property?

A Property is a Resource that has a name, such as "author" or "homepage".

10. Define RDF Resource?

A Resource is anything that can have a URI, such as: "http://www.globalguideline.com/rdf"

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