1. What is Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is the name of a software program that combines your e-mail, calendar, meetings/appointments, contacts, address book and tasks. The calendaring function in Outlook will replace Meeting Maker this summer. At globalguideline, Outlook/Exchange is called the globalguideline Connect Service. Exchange is the server and Outlook is the client installed on each users workstation.

2. How to empty the trash and remove deleted items?

Tools > Options > "Other" Tab > Check "Empty the Deleted Items folder upon existing"
When your mail is deleted it goes into the Deleted Items folder which is similar to your trash in Eudora. The major difference is, once you empty your deleted items it will be recoverable for 14 days. Anything that's been deleted for 14 days can no longer be recovered.

3. How to create an address book?

If you highlight any email address and right click it, you will get a context menu. On that menu select Add email address to contact list.
When in the Contact window, you might have several contacts. There is one address book in your Personal Folder and there is one for main Mailbox, which also will be available to you in the Web client. So your address book can follow you.

4. How to customize the view of my mailboxes?

Edit columns Add / Remove Field: View > Current View > Customize Current View > Fields > Add / Remove Fields.
Find items size of a folder:
Select the folder, number of items show at the left bottom corner.
Find Folder size:
Right click the folder to select Properties, click "Folder size" at General Tab.

5. What is timeframe for conversion?

The Library will be converted this Spring. One weekend early this summer, email and calendaring will be unavailable while data from Meeting Maker is brought over into Exchange. The Meeting Maker system will then be shutdown and that Monday you will begin using calendaring in Outlook. Until then, all meetings should originate in Meeting Maker. To ensure a smooth transition, everyone must be on Exchange prior to June 1.

6. How to change the font?

✰ The default Message Font is 11-point Caliber. To change the default font for new messages: Tools > Options > Mail Format > Stationery and Fonts > Personal Stationery > New mail message > Font
✰ To change Mail List Font: View > Current View > Customize Current View > Other Settings > Column Font

7. Where is mailboxes in Outlook?

You will have a main mailbox and a set of personal folders. The main mailbox contains items that are stored on the server. The personal folders live on the local machine.

8. Tell me is there a space limitation on the Exchange Server?

Yes. The quota is 1GB. You will receive a warning when the total space of your mailboxes reaches 750MB. At 1GB you cannot send email and at 1.25GB you cannot send or receive email. You can keep as much email as you want in your locally saved email folders.

9. How much mail can be stored in each mailbox?

The recommendation is 5000 messages per folder.

10. How to determine how much space I've used on the exchange server?

Right click the Mailbox icon in the folder list, click Properties, then click the Folder Size button in the Properties dialog form. Clicking on the Server Data tab will show you how much space your e-mail is currently using.

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