1. What is MEX in MATLAB?

They are basically native C or C++ files which are linked directly into the MatLab application at runtime. MEX files have efficiency to crash the MatLab application

2. Do you know what is Get and Set in Matlab?

Get and Set are referred as getter and setter functions. For assigning properties, setter functions are used while for accessing properties getter functions are used.

3. What common toolboxes present in Matlab?

Some of the common toolboxes in Matlab are
► Control System
► Fuzzy Logic
► Image Processing
► LMI control
► Neural Networks
► Robust Control
► System Identification

4. What are M-file?

They are just a plain ASCII text that is interpreted at run time. They are like sub-programs stored in text files with .m extensions and are called M-files. For most of the MatLab, development M-files are used.

5. What graphic system used in MatLab?

Graphic system used in MatLab is known as handle graphics. It has a high level and low-level commands.
► High Level Commands: High level command performs image processing, data visualization and animation for 2D and 3D presentation graphics
► Low Level Commands: Full customization of the appearance of graphics and building of complete graphical user interface

6. What are Xmath features?

► Scripting language with OOP features
► Libraries that are LNX and C language compatible
► A debugging tools with GUI features
► Color graphics can be pointed and clickable

7. Do you know what are the four basic functions to solve Ordinary Differential Equations?

The four basic functions that MatLab has to solve ODE's are
► Quad
► Quad8
► ODE23
► ODE45

8. Do you know what is Simulink?

Simulink is an add-on product to MatLab, it provides an interactive, simulating, graphical environment for modeling and analyzing of dynamic systems.

9. What are the operators that MatLab allows?

Matlab allows following Operators
► Arithmetic Operators
► Relational Operators
► Logical Operators
► Bitwise Operations
► Set Operations

10. Do you know what are the types of loops does Matlab provides?

Matlab provides loops like
► While Loop
► For Loop
► Nested Loops

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