1. Can SilkTest run on Mac?

Ya, you can. Except that you will need Mac Runtime for Java (MRJ).

2. Is that because the RDC locks the desktop when I disconnect?

.. We're running SilkTest scripts on our lab machines. The lab machines share a monitor through a KVM. We connect to the machines using Remote Desktop Connection.
The scripts are being kicked off through a Windows Scheduled task. We're getting the message "Window cannot be set active".
It seems like if I login to the box in the lab then all is well, but if I've recently connected through Remote Desktop Connection the error occurs.
Is that because the RDC locks the desktop when I disconnect?
If I did a reboot before I run the scripts would that solve the problem?
I'm just trying to figure this out, so could be completely wrong on this.
So, any suggestions would be appreciated.

You should be able to adjust a setting for the task to 'wake' or 'unlock' the desktop prior to commencing the task. I recall having to do something like that in the past when I did this.

It's because Windows Remote Desktop (WRD) appears to tell the OS that the video card is something other than the actual video card. This is because you have a limited colour gamut using WRD. There are other limitations. When you disconnect, it seems to tell Windows on the guest machine that there's no video card at all and it lets Windows figure out what's up the next time you log in.
One option that our network admin suggested was to use VNC instead. This would mean we would use a different method just to attach to the SilkTest machine we have. It wasn't worth it for me, but it could be for you.
1) Your KVM switch has to be an electronic one because if it's not, the monitor won't have a screen rectangle. This was a limitation of the old hardware.
2) You have to circumvent the windows login screen and some security measures to get to the desktop which is where SilkTest will be running.

3. What is AUT?

AUT stands for Application Under Test.

4. Does we need to make changes in window declaration dialog box?

If two objects have the same logical name say for instance OK. How does silktest identifies the object, Does we need to make changes in window declaration dialog box?

1. In anyone window two objects can not have same logical name, It will give compiler error.
2. OK objects have same logical name two times but for different window..

5. How load testing can be done with silk international?

SilKTest is not a load testing tool - it is a functional testing tool. You could do a crude load test by having Silk on multiple boxes and then running each one at the same time - but that is very crude.
You need Silk Performer or Load Runner or some other load testing tool for doing load testing.

Do some performance testing on a local binary.
Imagine trying to load ten large files into a word processor or text editor manually. If the procedure is to load one large file and when it has loaded load the next. If performance degrades after each file has loaded. The first file takes 30 minutes to load, the second takes 75 minutes... This is a perfect candidate for using SilkTest (or another functional GUI testing tool) to perform It won't get bored waiting and it will be ready to load the file as soon as it reads the "Ready" status.
You could run a series of image transformations in an image editor, recalculate a budget for a large company in financial package after changing a few variables, edit a style sheet in a page layout and then scroll through the document, search and replace a single letter in a large text file, etc..
There are a lot of other single unit performance tests that can be run using SilkTest--use your imagination.

6. Is there a way by which the different components within the calendar be recongnised by silktest?

On web based application (developed in Java (jsp))., clicking on an icon opens up a calendar (pop-up calendar.js), which is a java applet, which is recognised by Silktest but not the various components (Month drop down, year drop down) within it. Is there a way by which the different components within the calendar be recongnised by silktest?

Try after enabling java extension....If you are using silk 7.x, try to do enable extension for the applet...It would copy the silktest java jar file to respective jvm....close you application and restart....It should work.....

7. To verify the file, the two files are same and also check whether the data in it is also correct How to do it using verify function?

Use the SystemFunctions in that case
letscompare = SYS_CompareText(sFile1,sFile2)

Open SilkTest (7.6 version)
From the Help Menu, select Help Topics. In the SilkTest Help module, click on the Search Tab. Type in the word Verify and then press the ENTER key. A list is displayed including, Verify function. Read that entry.
It explains how to use it and includes an example.

If ur text file is too big then follow this procedure
1) Read the actual text file and put the contents in a list (Say lsActual)
2)Read the expected text file and put the contents in a list (Say lsExpect)
And Read line by line and Print the mismatch line..
Check with the below code.It will work ..
[+] for ( iLine = 1 ; iLine <= ListCount (lsActContents) ;iLine ++ )
[ ]
[ ]
[-] if(lsActContents [ iLine] != lsExpContents [iLine])
[ ]
[ ]
[ ] bFailure = TRUE
[ ]
[ ]
[ ] fncLogMsg ( "Info", "The actual value in the {sActualFileVerified} text file " )
[ ]
[ ]
[ ] fncLogMsg ( "Info",
"{lsActContents [ iLine] }" )
[ ]
[ ]
[ ] fncLogMsg ( "Info",
"The expected value in the { sExpectedFileVerified } text file ")
[ ]
[ ]
[ ] fncLogMsg ( "Info",
"{lsExpContents [ iLine] }" )
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]

8. What I have to do to use the same scripts for web based testing?

Same script can be used...Only URLs need to be updated....Might be some tags also but you can manage them using wild characters or multi-tag...

9. How to validate that the data inserted via silktest is successfully inserted and the record of each user is found in the database?

Using silk test to create automated user registration application. How to validate that the data inserted via silktest is successfully inserted and the record of each user is found in the database?

After inserting the record at the same time you can check that the record has been inserted or not.... say you are inserting the record with Insert statement (SQL) and after insert statement you can validate whether the select statement returns any record or not. If it returns the proper record, proceed or display error or whatever you wan't to do..

You can use database functions to connecto to your database and veryfy the data against the submitted data in the registration screen.
SilkTest supports relational data bases so you connect then through ODBC. check the help for db_connect(),db_fetch() etc. funtions

Your intention is to verify the data integrity in the DB for a single registration. There are couple of ways to do that. One being, if you have a list of registrations provided from UI, after the registration is done successfully, go the listing page and select the particular record and go to the properties of it and compare the values against the corresponding values given during the filling of registration form. The second way is that, try to write a query(as simple stored procedure) in the db that displays all the values for a single registration and call that stored procedure from silk test using data driven functions. For the help on data driven functions, refer to the online help. This is the only best way to learn silk test. You'll not find code samples on net.

10. How to search for html link?

A testcase for creating location. Silktest is reading location as html link. Locations are being stored alphabetically. But there is no tag associated with the latest tag (suppose its cg11). How to search for html link?

Below function is related to HTML Table. This function checks whether passed link-name is HTML link or not. "this" paramter is refered as "HtmlTable".
[+] BOOLEAN IsHtmlLink(STRING sLinkName)
[+] do
[ ] INTEGER iColCnt=0,iRowCnt=0,iNextCCnt,iNextRCnt
[ ] iColCnt=this.GetColumnCount()
[ ] iRowCnt=this.GetRowCount()
[ ]
[-] for (iNextRCnt=1;iNextRCnt<=iRowCnt;iNextRCnt++)
[-] if !bflag
[-] for (iNextCCnt=1;iNextCCnt<=iColCnt;iNextCCnt++)
[-] if (this.HtmlColumn("#{iNextCCnt}").GetRowText(iNextRCnt) == sLinkName
[-] if (Trim(this.HtmlColumn("#{iNextCCnt}").HtmlLink("#{iNextRCnt}").GetLocation()) !="")
[ ] bflag=TRUE
[ ] break
[ ]
[-] else
[ ] break
[ ]
[ ] return (bflag)
[-] except
[ ] return (FALSE)

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