1. Described AOL's 'art' format?

AOL downloads are sometimes not compatible with other graphic formats.
★ The graphics are converted to .art file format. This format is not compatible with other browsers.
Following is the solution for this incompatibility:
1) Click on Members from AOL Menu Bar.
2) Select Preferences. Click on WWW.
3) Select the Web Graphics tab.
4) Uncheck the box for Use Compressed Graphics.
★ The files in Temporary Internet Files can be deleted for clearing the web cache.

2. What is RIOT image optimization tool?

RIOT - Radical Image Optimization Tool, an image optimizer for MS-Windows users, available as a standalone application.
★ It is available as an extension of IrfanView.
★ RIOT supports JPG,GIF and PNG files.
★ It has the ability for stripping out the image metadata for file bloat reduction.
★ An image can be edited like pan, zoom, rotate and flip built-in.

3. Described lossless image optimization tool?

★ PNGOUT is one of the lossless image optimization tools.
★ PNGOUT can run in the command line or in Windows Run dialog box.
★ The options available in PNGOUT are robust.
★ Image compression can be done easily and also customized.
★ PNGOUT supports image optimization for JPG,GIF and PNG format files.

4. Define actions in Photoshop?

★ Actions in Photoshop represents a series of recording steps applied by the designer.
★ Images / photos can enhance and enrich with a single click of a button.
★ Actions are identified by using .atn extension.
★ After loading the .atn file in the action palette, the folder can be selected and expanded by the user.
★ User clicks on play after highlighting the designated action from the folder.
★ The photo executes through a set of steps.

5. Tell me why plug-in is required to view SVG files?

★ The <embed> and <object> tags are embedded into HTML page.
★ The type attribute might be set to incompatible MIME type.
★ The SVG MIME type is image/svg+xml.
★ To identify the <embed> and <object> tags along with SVG, the SVG plug-in is needed.
★ The plug-in need to be properly set. The SVG MIME type sometimes set as image/svg-xml. This will not recognize the <embed> and <object> tags.

6. How you can convert bitmap data to vector data and back?

★ At times there would be a need to transform a bitmap into a vector image.
★ Outlining is known as the process to convert bitmap data to vector graphics.
★ Simplest way of converting bitmap image into vector image is to place the bit map image on the background of the canvas of any drawing application.
★ Manually draw over the graphics on the canvas.
★ The simple form of converting vector graphics into bitmap is to take a screen capture and save the image.
★ Photoshop opens some vector files and rasterizing them to convert it into bitmap file.

7. What are Bit-map Graphics?

Bit-map Graphics:
★ Bit-map images have pixels in a grid.
★ Re-sizing the image reduces the quality.
★ They are resolution dependent.
★ They can be converted into other format easily.

8. What are Vector Graphics?

Vector Graphics:
★ Vector Graphics are scalable.
★ They are cartoon-like and resolution independent.
★ They does not require background.
★ They are inappropriate to generate photo-realistic images.

9. Tell me why the flash animations are smaller in bits?

★ Flash files are smaller in size than animated GIFs, as they would not store every single frame of a specific animation.
★ As Flash files use vector art, it needs only mathematical data, rather than raster art.
★ Raster images, sounds and video that are added to Flash, increase the file size.
★ Flash animations are to provide security vulnerability compared to raster images.
★ Image quality in Flash is better than other animated images like GIF.
★ All raster images are limited by their palette, while flash is not limited in that aspect.

10. What is anti-aliasing In SVG?

★ Anti-aliasing allows the images to soften the sharp edges in order to appear less jagged when rendered.
★ Anti-aliasing is performed by multi-sampling each pixel at multiple pixel locations and samples combining for generating a final pixel color, is done.
★ The amount of anti-aliasing is increased by increasing the number of samples per pixel, to generate smooth edge.
★ 4x and 2x multi-sampling needs 4 and 2 sample per pixel respectively.
★ Use GraphicsAdapter in XNA Game Studio 3.1.

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