What is Solar eclipse?

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At new moon, earth may pass through moon?s shadow so that
parts of the sun will be obscured to the eyes on the earth.
Earth e being much bigger than moon, whole of it cannot pass
through the umbra. But as the points on the earth will fall
within this umbra, a total solar eclipse occurs. At places
which pass through penumbra, a partial solar eclipse occurs.
Eclipses do not occur regularly even though the
earth comes between the moon and the sun at every full moon.
It is because of two reasons:-
(1) The moon?s obit is inclined to that of earth at an angle
of about 50 .
(2) The earth?s orbit being elliptical, the distance of the
earth from the sun is different at different positions of
the orbit, due to which the size of the shadow changes.
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