What is chandrayan?

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chandrayan is a satellite which is discover on the moon i.e.
it is for finding the live on the moon

Objectives of Chandrayan were:
1. To design, develop, launch and orbit a spacecraft around
the Moon using an Indian-made launch vehicle.

2. To conduct scientific experiments using instruments on
the spacecraft which would yield data:
for the preparation of a three-dimensional atlas (with
high spatial and altitude resolution of 5-10 m) of both the
near and far side of the Moon,
for chemical and mineralogical mapping of the entire
lunar surface at high spatial resolution, mapping
particularly the chemical elements magnesium, aluminium,
silicon, calcium, iron, titanium, radon, uranium, and thorium,
to increase the scientific knowledge
to test the impact of a sub-satellite (Moon Impact Probe
- MIP) on the surface on the Moon as a fore-runner to future
soft-landing missions
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