What is The sun?

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The sun:- Sun the brightest object in the sky. It is body id
the solar system. It has a luminous sphere approximately
8,65,000 miles in diameter. It is supposed that is consists
of a liquid inner portion with a gaseous outer covering. All
kinds of the life on the earth and on other members of the
solar system depend directly or indirectly upon the
radiation from the Sun

The average distance of the earth
from the sun is about 93,000,000 miles. If we compare the
great size pf the sun with the earth, to do so we have to
represent the earth by the head of a pin struck in the
teacher?s desk, the sun would be shown by a big ball at the
other end of the class ?room. Spectral analysis shows that
sun is compose id many elements such as found in the earth .
It s surface temperature is about 6,0000C. The volume of sun
is 13,000,00 tines that of the earth and its mass is 3
,32,0000 times that of the earth.
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