1. Do you know what Is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a program used often by graphic designers to create vector images.

2. What kind of illustration projects are you most interested in?

This is the interviewer giving you a window to talk about the things that make you passionate about your job. Keep the answer fairly short, but feel free to let your love of art and creation shine through!

3. Tell me what does the Pucker and Bloat tool does?

Pucker and Bloat tool create the distortion effect that converts an object by curving its edges towards the Center or pushing them away from the Center (Bloat) all the while maintaining the anchor points in position.

4. Tell us how you can access font stylistic sets in illustrator CS6?

Font stylistic sets in illustrator can vary considerably depending on the Illustrator version. However for CS6,

☛ First select your text with appropriate font
☛ Then open the OpenType window by going to WINDOW->TYPE->OPENTYPE
☛ Here you will account numerous options like “Stylistic Alternates” , “ Contextual Alternates”,
☛ To view various characters, you might usefully go to WINDOWS>TYPE>GLYPS

5. What's your biggest weakness in 3D Illustrator?

Tailor this answer to your work. If your skills are lacking in one area, or if you struggle with the small details in your illustration, share this with the interviewer. It will show that you have an honest assessment of your technical skills.

6. Which Is The Latest Version And Its New Features Of Adobe Illustrator?

The latest version of Adobe Illustrator is Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3.1 and it was updated on Aug 10, 2016.

New features of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 are

☛ Linked assets in Libraries, Adobe Stock integration, Faster [zoom/pan/scroll], Safe mode, file data recovery, GPU performance, tool and workspace enhancements.
☛ Enhanced Creative Cloud Libraries, Shaper tool, new Live Shapes, Dynamic Symbols, Smart Guides, new SVG Export options, Touch Workspace enhancements
☛ Updated and better collaboration with libraries, Work more efficiently with Adobe stock, Live shapes and transform panel updates, Adobe experience design CC (Preview) integration, fast export of assets and Artboards
☛ New search for Adobe Stock assets

7. Tell me how you can export ICNS icon from Adobe Illustator?

To export ICNS icon from Adobe Illustrator, you have to use the script adobe illustrator.icns exporter. This script will directly export the icons to .icns file.

8. Tell me what Is The Best Part About What You Do?

I have always been interested in art and drawing. I enjoy the process of making art and I love to be in this field because my career allows me to spend my time doing these things.

9. What You Understand By Layer And Group? Please Explain Difference Between Both?

Layer: When creating multiple artworks, it's a task to keep track of all the items in your document window. Small items get unseen under larger items, and selecting artwork becomes problematic. Layers offer a way to arrange all the items that make up your artwork. Layers work as folders that contain artwork. If you reorganize the folders, you change the stacking order of the items in your artwork. You can interchange items between folders and create subfolders within folders.

By default, all items are organized in a single, parent layer. However, you can create new layers and move items into them, or move elements from one layer to another anytime. The Layers panel provides an easy way to select, hide, lock, and change the appearance features of artwork.

Group: You can combine numerous objects into a group so that the objects are treated as a single unit. One move or transform a number of objects without affecting their attributes or relative positions. For example, a grouping of the objects in a logo design can be done with a motive so that we can move and scale the logo as one unit.

Grouped objects are arranged in a sequence on the same layer of the artwork and behind the front most object in the group; therefore, the grouping may modify the layering of objects and their stacking order on a given layer. If you select objects in different layers and then group them, the objects are grouped in the layer of the topmost selected object.

The layer is like a single paper of sheet, you can do anything that you want to make.

The group is a collection of two or many layers together.

10. Explain What Is Scatter Graph Tool Is Used For?

A graph style that avails only points to show a group of data and the relationship of the variables to one another. It is useful for showing sets of information relating to individuals.

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