1. What is rubber fibers?

Made from the sap tapped from the rubber tree.

2. Tell me what is silk fiber?

Is a fine continuous strand unwound from the cocoon of a moth caterpillar known as the silk worm. Silk is composed of protein. Lustrous, smooth, light weight, strong, and elastic. Used for apparel home furnishings, and upholstery.

3. Tell me what are the fibres used in Textile Industry?

Three basic types of fibres used in Textile industries are

☛ Synthetic fibres
☛ Natural fibres
☛ Cotton fibres

4. What is Gathers?

Gathers meanstheTiny, soft folds of fabric formed when a larger piece of fabric is sewn to a smaller piece

5. What is Alter?

Alter means to change the pattern or garment so that it fits the body and represents body measurements and proportions.

6. What is Blouson?

Blouson means the Bloused effect of fullness gathered in at and falling over a seam, typically the bodice over a skirt.

7. What is Clip?

Clip is a cut in fabric to allow ease on curves or corners. Also used to indicate notches in garment pattern.

8. What is Edge stitching?

Edge stitching is the Stitching placed 1⁄16 inch from the edge; may be stitching detail, such as topstitching or stitching done to finish the outer edge of a seam or facing edge.

9. What is facing?

Facing is to finish an edge by applying a fitted piece of fabric, binding, etc. Also the right side of the fabric.

10. What is Fold line?

Fold line is the line where fabric is folded, usually vertically, when cutting out a garment. It is common for the center front of a garment to be placed on a fold line.

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11. Explain me what is Interfacing?

A carefully selected fabric placed between the garment and the facing fabric for added body, to give support, and to maintain shape.

12. Explain me what is Pattern markings?

The symbols for construction printed on the pattern, such as for darts, buttonholes, notches, dots or tucks. They are transferred from the pattern to the fabric by means of tailor's tacks, notches, chalk, basting or tem porary fabric markers.

13. What is Pivot?

The Stitching around a corner by leaving the needle in the fabric, raising the presser foot, and turning the fabric in a new direction.

14. Explain what is seam?

Seam refers the Two or more edges of fabric held together by sewing. Seam should be well constructed and appropriate for the fabric, type of garment, and the location on the garment.

15. Tell me what is Shrinking?

Constricting fabric with steam or water to eliminate excess in a specific area. Also done to fabric before cutting out a garment to prevent further fabric shrinkage.

16. Tell me what is Tailoring?

Tailoring means the Construction technique requiring special hand sewing and pressing to mold fabric into a finished garment.

17. What is Yoke?

Yoke is the fitted portion of a garment, usually at shoulders or hips, designed to support the rest of the garment hanging from it.

18. What is Stitching?

Stitching in the technique of sewing a straight stitch inconspicuously in the seam well on the correct side of a previously stitched seam. Used to complete waist- bands, cuffs, collars, and French bias binding.

19. What is Fiber?

Fiber, which is either spun (or twisted) into yarn or else directly compressed into fabric.

20. What is metallic fibers?

Produced by mining and refining fibers such metals as aluminium, silver and gold.

21. Tell me what is cotton fiber?

The cotton fiber grows in the seepod, or boll or the cotton plant. Cotton yarn is used to make fabries for all type of apparel, home furnishings and industrial applications.

22. Tell me what is ply yarns?

Two or more strands or yarns are twisted together; they are designed as ply yarns.

23. Tell me what is Batik Dyeing process?

Batik Dyeing process based on the principle of resisting dyeing process. In this technique, wax is used to design on the fabric and then immersed into a dye, and excluding wax parts the fabric will absorb the color.

24. What is trimming?

Trimming is Evenly cutting away part of the seam allowance .

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25. What is dart?

A stitched fold that provides shape and fullness to a garment so that it fits the curves of the body