1. How designers work?

Different designers work in different ways. Some sketch their ideas on paper, others drape fabric on a dress stand, pinning, folding and tucking it until the idea for a garment emerges. A third method is to adapt their own patterns from previous seasons (this method can give continuity to a fashion studio's output).

2. What is fashion profile?

Fashion is very important when it comes to showing who you are. You don't want someone to think you are the wrong person because they could treat you badly. In some ways fashion and style are important variables to human life.
Let's say you were a regular person in a diner, but you were wearing an outfit that made you look like a waitress. Somebody might come up to you and ask you for a soda! Be careful about what you wear.

3. What is cultural fashion?

Fashion is very unique. Some might say a dress is ugly, when another could say it is beautiful. This is what is known as cultural fashion. Different people like different things. Different shoes, different clothes, and different leg wear. It depends on who you are and what your opinions are.

4. What is weather-wear fashion?

Have you ever thought about what might someone be wearing where they live? Well, if you lived somewhere cold, you may have many boots and jackets. But others might have tank-tops and shorts. You could think this idea is weird, but that is because you live in a different place. If you know you live somewhere cold, wear appropriate clothing items. I hoped this helped you realize that fashion also has something to do with the weather.

5. What is footwear fashion design?

Footwear has been quite amazing. There have been different forms of shoes, different shapes, different colors, and many other changes. Shoes used to be used only for the protection and comfort of your feet. Eventually, most shoes became part of fashion and changed from protection to style. That's a big change! People would buy all kinds of different shoes based on the color or the shape and showing them off.

6. What are fashion designers areas of working?

There are three main ways in which designers can work:
★ Working freelancer
★ Working In-house
★ Setting up a company

7. What is freelance working?

Freelance designers works for themselves. They sell their work to fashion houses, direct to shops, or to clothing manufacturers. The garments bear the buyer's label.

8. What is the mean of "company setting up" for a fashion designer?

Fashion designers often set up their own companies. A lot of designers find this more satisfying than working for someone else, as their designs are sold under their own label.

9. What is In-house working?

In-house designers are employed full-time by one fashion company. Their designs are the property of that company, and cannot be sold to anyone else.

10. Why designers making a card pattern?

When the designer is completely satisfied with the fit of the toile (or muslin), they show it to a professional pattern maker who then makes the finished, working version of the pattern out of card. The pattern maker's job is very precise and painstaking. The fit of the finished garment depends on their accuracy.

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