1. What is Animating?

When you have developed main wireframe design the some animations can be developed. Maya has some built in tools to develop animations for 3D designs easy. The controls of animation have timeline and range slider that is used to choose specific parts of video. The playback controls makes very easy to evaluate animations. Objects are animated in several ways. An object can be moved to some specific path using Motion paths. The lines are curved and straight. The animation tool of flow path is highly complex and skilled of many advanced animations.

2. Please explain about Maya interface?

The user interface is nothing but how you can control Maya. Initially, it will be like an application for image editing. But, it is more complex and there are multiple features that cannot be seen in various apps. Initially, you might be beset by user interface of Maya but later you will get used to that software. Drop down box in status bar is adjusted to change menu bar. It will be same as some other application for windows. Selection of tools can be done using the tool box that you are interested in developing 3D models. Also, it is possible to develop multiple layers similar to Photoshop.

3. Tell me all Manipulator handles?

While Using Move Tool, Which "set Keys On" Option Should Be Selected In Order To Set The Keys On Translate X,y & Z Attributes Only?

5. Explain me grips with 3D?

It is very much complicated to develop 3D model when compared to flat image because grips are required with models of wireframe. One must develop a wireframe that is filled with textual surfaces and color while developing 3D models. It will be difficult when you are using Maya for the first time or beginner for 3D design. You get grips by visualizing wireframes in your heard so that it is possible to see everything will appear as needing to render.