1. Which cmponent has onRead method and what it is used for?

DataRow Component has OnRead method.
To manipulate the Rows which are returned by the query or
add the new rows or expressions at runtime we can use
onRead method.

2. What is page level security?

It is a security to a report page at the User level.In PLS,
user can able to see only those pages to which he has given
a privelege to access.

3. What is report bursting?

Report bursting is the process of creating a single report
object executable
(.rox) file that generates multiple report object instance
(.roi) files.Actuate iServer supports report bursting only
if the report runs as a scheduled
background job, or asynchronously. If you run a burst
report synchronously,
Actuate iServer displays an error message because it cannot
determine which report to display.

4. Can we connect to 2 different types of database through the same report?

Yes, we can use any no. of database in a single report to
extract data. We have to use different report section for
this purpose.

5. Can we define global methods in a report?

Yes we can define global methods in eRDPro.We can put our
procedure and function in .bas file and use.

6. What is the difference between
-using Group by in the SQL of the report
-having a Group section in the report?

An Actuate Group Section will group similar records
together by a key field. A query pulling all the records
from a table with 100 records and grouping by State or
Province will still display 100 records on the report. No
data is lost or aggregated.

A SQL Group By will aggregate data being pulled from a
table. Grouping By State or Province will result in
somewhere less than 100 records being delivered to the
report. The results most likely will be 5 records
containing a count and the state name: DL-20; MH-10; BR-5,
WB-25, and MP-40. A Group By processes the data and creates
new information about that original data.

7. How to generate a report by getting values from two reports. the generated report should contain the 5 values of first report and last 5 values of second report?

You can put more light on your requirement so that it would
be clear.

Any ways for this requirement what you can do is run the
sequential report 1 by another and get the values from
those reports and accordingly run your last report.

8. How to implement the parallel report?

This is quite simple to implement.

If you have the example which are there in the actuate
install folder you can get help from it.

For developing this what you can do is put a parallel
section first and then drag those 2 reports on it, then
design those report and in the page layout use two flows
and in the report properties assign the flows to the
respective reports.

this way you can design it

9. What is data stream and data adaopter is it same are different? explain?

Data stream and Data adapters are different.
Data stream is a group of components.It contains a data
source component, data row component and one or more data
filter components(optional).It selects data from the data
source and places the data into data row structure required
by the report.

Data adapter can be a data source component or a data filter
component.It retrieves data from an input source(data
base)and creates data row.

10. How many times executite the fetch method at run time?

Number of rows which are retrieved from database query,that
many times Fetch method get executed at run time.

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