1. Explain As a BA (business analyst) approaching a new piece of work, who would you interview and what questions would you ask?

For any new piece of work a BA (business analyst) needs to know

1. who are the key stakeholders (i.e. those who can kill the project)

2. what are the key stakeholders specific and measurable measures of success (i.e. their objectives) and what VALUE for each objective MUST be achieved in order for the project to be considered a success (e.g. increase sales per order value by 5%)

3. what are the key stakeholders unmeasured measures of success (i.e. their principles that they would like to see happen but aren't going to measure and so the project cannot be assessed by them - e.g. an intuitive solution)

4. what are the key stakeholders high level requirements (i.e. what capabilities do they expect the solution to deliver - e.g. the ability to offer add-on sales during the order taking process)

5. what is in scope of the work in terms of processes, organization units, locations, data, applications, technology

6. what is the scope of the work in terms of time, money, project resources (people and materials)

7. who will the stakeholders nominate for determining further high level requirements and detailed requirements (e.g. subject or domain experts, middle management of operational teams, etc)

2. Explain What is the difference between Business Requirement Document and Use case Document. What is the difference.

I need a good BRD and UC template?

BRD Describes the business information of the client.once we are clear abt BRD of the client then only we can create more acurate solutions.this is the initial document that helps to create Business models in Cognos and ReportNet.Actually this information we are getting by KT(Knowledge Transfer) session.

Usecase Document helps to create test case document during unit testing ,actually use case document contains testcase id and i/p values that should use during testing , we are using this id only in Test case document instead of specifying all these i/p values and some other ,that id itself describing all that.so we can say use case is the foundation document for test case document.

4. Explain about a tricky situation for which you found a very simple solution?

Your answer should show that they are a problem solver, that they can analyze all the information, and come up with a solution.

5. Explain SWOT Analysis?

SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning technique used to assess the internal and external environment in which a company operates and competes. Internal environmental factors are classified into strengths and weaknesses, while external environmental factors are classified into opportunities and threats.

6. Explain about a time when you discovered a more efficient way to do a work task?

You should be able to identify a time where he/she was having difficulty with a work task, found a way to rectify the faults and work more efficiently.

7. Explain Which are the OLAP tools available that are supported by Oracle?

Oracle Warehouse Builder is ETL Tool its not OLAP Tool.

The OLAP Tool is Oracle Discoverer the version is 3i and 4i.

8. What is a Data Warehouse?

Data Warehouse

Data from different data sources is stored in a relational database for end use analysis

Data from different data sources is stored in a relational database for end use analysis Data is organized in summarized, aggregated, subject oriented, non volatile patterns.

Data is a data warehouse is consolidated, flexible collection of data Supports analysis of data but does not support online analysis of data.

Data from different data source is stored in a relationaldatabase for end use analysis

9. Explain What task is 98% of the required work of a Business Analyst?

The Your don introductory class on data flow diagramming used to (still does?) teach that 98% of the required work in requirements specification revolved around a single task. What is that task?

10. Explain What sort of existing documents should Business Analysts refer to when starting on a new project?

Few analysts are brought on to a project at the very beginning. For those that are, they will often have a hand in creating some of the important documents that other analysts should reference when they first join.

First, get your hands on the project charter. The project charter, while high level, will provide critical information on the project.

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