1. What is Smart Metric?

THE Smart Metric property of a compound metric allows you to change the default evaluation order of the metric

2. Explain What are the different types of JOIN operations?

Equi Join: This is the most common type of join which involves only equality comparisions. The disadvantage in this type of join is that there

3. Explain What is the Difference b/w Microstrategy and cognos Reporting Tool?

cognos reportnet is only a web-based product but microstrategy is a web-based as well as desktop based.

4. What are Logical Views used for In Microstrategy?

Logical Views allows application architects to create any desired view using MicroStrategy, without DBA involvement. Once these Logical views are created, they are available to the report designer in a way similar to any other table. This allows developers to model attributes and facts whose expressions span multiple tables.

5. Explain What is the difference between view filter and report filter?

Report Filter:

A report filter?conditions appear in the SQL used to retrieve the report result set from the database. The report filter is created as part of the report and is saved with the report definition.

View Filter :

View filters do not modify the SQL for the report like normal report filters do. Instead, view filters are applied to the overall result set after the SQL is executed and results are returned from the data warehouse.

6. In Microstrategy, how can we direct the sql generated to use a specifc table?

I know of using ApplySimple, but there are other ways too?

If you need to use a specific table , we need to play with the logical size of that table. Whenever MSTR frames a query it retrieves data from the table that has the least logical size and hence when you set the logical size of your table to be least compared to the other base table, MSTR will retrieve data from this specified table.