2. Explain What if a cartesian product pop up block appears when running a report. Does it give wrong values? How to solve this issue?

Cartesian product is getting incorrect results.

for instance if we have a cham trap or a fan trap n we din't solve them after checking the integrity also we get duplicate results of the same record ie nothing but cartesian product.


we have customer,orders,loans classes

orders for one product if the product_price is 150$ it will appear twice in the report due to traps bcoz of the cartesian product thats why to solve the cham trap we create context and in order to solve fan trap we create alias table.

3. Explain the difference between union and group?

The difference between union and group is as follows:

take two tables t1 and t2.

in t1 we have columns like a,b,c,d. and t2 has a,d,e,f.

so union means t1 union t2 i.e getting result from both tables i.e a,b,c,d,e.,f

where as group performs on a individual column in a particular table.

4. What is top business?

to get good name , fame n earn well amt is top business.

5. If I have three predefined prompts.In a report it will come randomly.How they will come in a specified format?

We can do this in three ways
1.alphabetical order-prompts will appear in alphabetical order
2.numeric order-prefix number and they will appear in numeric order
3.date order-prompts will appear date wise
it depends on the type we choose in prompt syntax

6. Explain What are the steps to be taken to schedule the report?

As far as i know we schedule the reports through broadcast agent.

7. Explain How to execute the plsql procedure from the report by clicking with mouse?

We can select either tables or procedures or views as our data to generate our reports.In the designer in bo's we can select tab "insert" n select the particular data source for generating the report through mouse click.

9. Explain Difference between ZABO and webi?

ZABO is zero administrator businessobjects , which will be installed on your local m/c when any full client report in opened/edited from infoview . For this you don't require any BO mainkey , key will be installed from BO server.Webi is also called as thin client , where -in you are create BO reports on web browser . Reports are only based on Universe .

10. Explain is there any other repository domains rather than universe, security, document?

No there are only 3 repository domains for BO 6.5 i.e universe, security and document.

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