1. Is there any possibility to generate alphanumeric surrogate key?

It is not possible to generate alphanumeric surrogate key
in datastage.

2. How to enter a log in auditing table whenever a job get finished?

some companies using shell script to load logs into audit table or some companies load logs into audit table using datastage jobs.these jobs are we developed.

3. What is audit table?

audit table is nothing but when the job is developed,how many no of stages are used,each stage having how many no of input records are there also how many no of out put records are there,job start date,job end date etc these information having audit table

4. How to add zero "0" before record in a field?

String("o",1):Column name
Here 1 is how many zeros we want

5. How to get the unique records on multiple columns by using sequential file stage only?

in sequential file there is one option is there i.e
filter.in this filter we use unix commands like what ever we
want.in this question we use uniq command in filter.

6. If a column contains data like
how to send the unique data to one source and remaining data to another source?

by using create key change column is true is disp;ays
duplicates records
if it is false it displays non duplicate records
first keep all the records in sort order

7. If a column contains data like
ram,rakesh,madhan,suraj,pradeep,bhaskar then I want to place names separated by commas in another columns how can we do?

seq file ------> Transformer -------> target

1.extract the source data into seq file.
2.In transformer source column to target , and apply the field function
Field(column name, ',' , 1)
next same drag the source column to target , and apply the field function
Field(column name,',',2)
Field(column name,',',5)

9. How to remove blank spaces from data?

By using the following command you can remove blank lines from unix file:

$ sed 's/ *//g' sample

10. What is Cleanup Resources and when do you use it?

When we want to kill the process in unix we need clean up resources.
Actually to kill any process we need process id. Then this option is available in administrator then we have to check the option called clean up resouces

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11. How to reduce warnings?

In order to reduce the warnings you need to get clear idea
about particular warning, if you get any idea on code or
design side you fix it, other wise goto director-->select warning and right click and add rule to message, then click
ok. from next run onward you shouldn't find any warnings.