1. Explain what separates you from other Real Estate agents?

This is the candidate's opportunity to shine. Look for those interviewees who really sell themselves and tell you why they'd be a great hire. Seek candidates that list more than just personality traits (i.e. a hard worker, or fast learner), but those who can provide examples from their previous work history that exemplify those traits.

2. Explain how do you prefer to communicate with leads?

The culture of your brokerage should play into this question. If your brokerage is located in a small town, maybe phone calls work best. If your brokerage is in a large city, maybe text messages or emails are preferred. Also consider what forms of communication match your agents' client base best.

3. Explain where and how do you provide advertising for the associates?

Print advertising popularity is on the decline, so how is the company providing alternative ways to capture leads and route them back to you? Company-hosted lead capture websites, web and print marketing, floor time and open house availability all come into play to provide you with contacts. Keep in mind that ultimately, the most lucrative real estate businesses are built through referrals of personal friends, family and past clients and colleagues.

4. Tell me what commission does your company charge a seller for selling a home?

☛ What commission do you charge for undeveloped land or lots?
☛ Do I have the authority to list for less commission under certain circumstances?
☛ If yes, what are those conditions?
☛ Could I list it for more?

5. Explain how do you find seller leads?

It's a sellers market, your lead should have a strategy in place to find and convert seller leads. Possible answers might be PPC ads, social media ads, blogging, marketing flyers, print ads, or lead generation services.

6. Tell me how many listings does the office have?

☛ What is the normal amount?
☛ How many is that per full time agent?
☛ What is the average list price of the listings?
☛ What is the average sales price of the office?
☛ What percentage of listings are sold in house?

7. Explain how do you find buyer leads?

Some brokers might like an agent whose lead generation matches that of other agents at their firm. Others might like an agent that uses methods they'd like their other agent team members to learn, such as social media, blogs, or search engine marketing.

8. Explain did your previous brokerage use any CRM or lead generation systems?

This should give you some insight into which programs they are familiar with and how tech savvy they are. If the candidate is not familiar with your CRM, lead generation, or other Real Estate service software program, see if they are eager to learn new programs.

9. Tell me how many full time agents do you have?

☛ How many do you want?
☛ How many part time agents?
☛ What is the agent turnover rate?
☛ What is the average tenure of agents?

10. Explain what is the average income per year of full time agents in this office?

Get a realistic business plan, knowing how many houses you'll need to sell on average to earn a comfortable income. Knowing what the company considers as “average” will give you a snapshot view of what is expected of you, and what the company is prepared to coach you towards.

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