1. Explain me why are there different Microsoft Certifications?

The main purpose of Microsoft Certification is to ensure that qualification of an applicant for particular skills. Skills not only cover the software aspects, but in design and engineering as well. Microsoft Certification covers a wide list of technology and is recognize worldwide.

2. Do you know what is COM?

COM is short for Component Object Model. It is a Microsoft technology that allows developers to make use of reusable components and services provided by Microsoft. COM technology includes COM+, DCOM and ActiveX.

3. Explain what makes for great customer service?

This question should give you a sense of how the candidate views their role. A great answer won't just involve solving a problem or answering a question, but ensuring that the customer had as positive an interaction as possible.

4. Tell me what File system is supported by Windows XP?

Windows XP supports four major file systems: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS. This means that Windows XP can be installed on these file systems. The use of NTFS is preferred especially when using a bigger hard drive space.

5. Tell me what is the advantage of NTFS over FAT and FAT32?

NTFS was build for better performance, especially when it comes to managing the way files are stored and retrieved. It supports encryption, compression and improved metadata support. As a result, NTFS is more robust, secure and has better utilization of hard drive space.

6. Tell me what makes this company different from other similar firms?

Microsoft is indeed the best place in the work to work in.
Just 3 weeks into the company, we were sent to Florida for a conference targeted at networking and learning the company culture.
Microsoft loves its employees and a perfect work life balance is targeted for every employee.

7. Tell me how much technical knowledge they want from such a candidate?

Consult the job description. They want you to have an education background in engineering, computer science, or IT and a strong interest in microsoft technologies. (If you are not aware of those (.net, Azure) I would brush up on them enough to speak to them.

8. Tell me which Microsoft Certification is considered the most popular?

It is the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). This certification deals with skills related to applying solutions to business productivity by utilizing Microsoft Server operating system.

9. Explain me what do you do when you don't know the answer to a question?

The key here is honesty. Especially if you have a complex product or service, it's much better for a customer service rep to say “I don't know, but let me find out,” than to provide potentially inaccurate information.

10. Give an algorithm that will perform swapping of values between two variables?

Let's call the first variable A and the second variable B. Designate a third variable that will be used for the swap. Calling this third variable MIDDLE, assign MIDDLE to contain the value of the variable A. Then assign the value of B to the variable A. Finally, assign the value of MIDDLE to the variable B.

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