1. Explain me what are you looking for?

It takes a lot of thinking to be ready for this question. Avoid speaking in generalities. Be prepared to talk about the kind of work you're interested in doing and how your skills translate to the employer's needs.

2. Explain me what Payroll Forms Are You Familiar With?

Payroll administrators must understand the function and proper usage of various payroll forms. Forms related to payroll include personal data forms, overtime or absence approval forms, expense reimbursement forms and time sheets.

3. Tell me why are you looking for a job?

Keep it brief. A straightforward answer is best. For example, “My organization was forced to downsize.” Avoid negative statements about yourself, your work or your ability to get along with others. Never criticize former employers or coworkers.

4. Tell me do you get on with your current Manager?

I have a good relationship with my boss; he/she is not the reason I'm looking to move.

5. Tell me how long would you stay with us?

I see this as a long-term career move.

6. Tell me what is the Casualty Actuarial Society?

Casualty Actuarial Society is a professional association of non-life actuaries, of risk management professionals who work in industries other than life insurance. The motive of this society is to give knowledge to members and the general public about actuarial analysis of property and liability risk

7. Explain what are your greatest weaknesses as Pension Consultant?

Some people have said my natural enthusiasm is a weakness, but I found my administration skills were weak. However I have recognised this and come to terms with it. Consequently, it is no longer a major problem.

8. Tell me how Do You Stay Organized?

Organization is key to accurate and timely payroll processing. Highly organized payroll administrators have information about pay, deadlines, taxes and other important data all in one place for ease of access.

9. We don't have many employees who are your age. Would that bother you?

Explain that you believe your age would be an asset, you are eager to learn and it doesn't matter who helps you. Describe recent experiences, whether at work or in other situations, where age diversity has been an asset.

10. Tell me what is the role of actuarial assistant in the insurance company?

Actuarial assistant is a helping hand to actuary; it plays a valuable support role to the actuary, assisting with the calculation of premium rates, policy liabilities and developing new products.

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