1. Explain how you organize, plan, and prioritize your work?

Once arrived at work I assess what needs to be done for the day and work out an order, as well as several branching ideas should distractions arise. Obviously events change during the day and I am constantly on the ball to rearrange and replan.

2. Explain me do you like children?

Many holiday reps and tour guides need to be able to cope with children and possibly elderly people in their daily work, so think of examples of your experience that demonstrate you are prepared for this and will enjoy the challenges.

3. What is your greatest achievement as Travel Consultant?

Be confident and proud. If it was a team effort, let them know but say you were instrumental in driving the team forward or kept everyone to time or budget. If you increased sales or received excellent feedback, let them know.

4. Explain me why should we consider you for this position?

I think you should consider me for this position because I have strong knowledge on the travel and tourism industry. I'm great at meeting target goals, I'm enthusiastic about my work and I strive on new challenges.

5. Explain me about your current or your previous job?

This is an opportunity to clearly explain your experience and show off recent achievements. Employers and HR manager love to hear things like how you have solved at work, performed well in a team, how you're committed to your job, how well you handle your colleagues or customers, have leadership skills. The goal here is to convince them that your previous experience will be useful and will complement the role of a hotel manger, customer service representative, or travel agent.

6. Suppose if I spoke to your boss, what would they say about you?

When an interviewer asks you this, they are looking for evidence that you have sought feedback from a manager. You should use this as a way of showing how you acted upon that feedback to ultimately improve your performance.

7. Explain me how important is it for you to build a relationship with your customers?

Because without them, an establishment is nothing. So building a good relationship to a customer can help you earn more profit especially when they are satisfied with the service and product you have rendered to them, they will come back for sure and recommend you to his/her friends.

8. Tell me what is the future of travel and tourism industry?

Travel and tourism industry in India is booming and will continue to show impressive growth rates. The tie-ups of private airlines with foreign airlines have increased the flow of domestic and foreign tourists in the country.

9. Explain me about a time when you failed at something?

Feel free to reframe the question. This is similar to asking “Can you give an example of a time when you had to cope with a difficult situation?” or “Give an example of a time when you had to cope under pressure”. You may find it easier to give an example if you think back through your work experience, study, extracurricular activities and travel and come up with a time when you had to cope with an unexpected problem.

10. Has such an incident event happened when you incurred a client's wrath?

Yes. There was a time when due to severe weather conditions in the state, 45 flights had been delayed. One client called me, furious that I should have known this would happen since “I am in the business”. I did all I could you explain that it wasn't really my responsibility if a flight got delayed but the client wasn't having any of it. It was quite unpleasant.

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