1. What is VLSM?

VLSM stand for Variable Length Subnet Mask.VLSM originally
defined in RFC 1812, allows you to apply different subnet
masks to the same class address space.

Remember that the best subnet mask for point-to-point links

VLSM allows you to use more than one subnet mask for given
class address.Remember the two major advantages of VLSM:
More efficient use of address and route

2. Which one is the Best protocol- Static routing, RIPV2, EIGRP, OSPF?

Static routing, because we first check the A.D value which
is administrative distance. A.D of static is 1 where as rip
having 120, eigrp -90 and ospf- unlimited. We consider the
best route is that who's A.D value lest like static routing.

3. what is plan version in sap hr?

A plan version that is recognized by the SAP system as valid
and in operation.

The data created in the active plan version is used for
performing day-to-day business and updating
cross-application data.

You must flag a plan version as active if:

You are an SAP Business Workflow user
You have set up integration between Organizational
Management and other components

The plan version you select must contain your enterprise's
current data.

All additional plan versions in your enterprise can be used
to simulate organizational scenarios.

5. What is the difference between dynamic NAT and NAT overloading?

Dynamic NAT contains mulitple public IPs and when the user
needs to go to WAN he will get an IP. If all IPs are used,
the user must wait to get one public IP.
NAT Overloading has only one public IP and all users on the
LAN network are usig this IP but with different ports.

NAT Overloading is much better than Dynamic and static
since it is more secure and to save IPs.

6. What is Server OS? What is Domain Controler?

Server-oriented operating systems tend to have certain
features in common that make them more suitable for the
server environment, such as

1.GUI not available or optional
2.ability to reconfigure and update both hardware and
software to some extent without restart,
3.advanced backup facilities to permit regular and
frequent online backups of critical data,
4.transparent data transfer between different volumes or
5. flexible and advanced networking capabilities,
6.automation capabilities such as daemons in UNIX and
services in Windows, and
7.tight system security, with advanced user, resource,
data, and memory protection.

7. How to solve problem of Blank screen in laptop within 5 minutes. everything is running fine in my laptop but screen is blank even i remove RAM & Insert again in RAM slot & also try to battery same as but problem is as it is Plz give me answer if you know?

any viruses affect your hard disk.then, when u will start
the laptop r desktop only blank screens are disply..if u
remove your hard disk.then u change the place of
jumper.about ur hard disk

8. Explain CASQ certification pprs?

planning to give CASQ certification early next year, if some1 has given same, plz let me how to prepare for it. Also if any1 has sample pprs/ prev yr pprs for CASQ, plz mail me at kanisha1906@gmail.com

9. I am an engineering student and this is my final year. so i m planing of doing OCA certification course. is this time good? are there future scope for it?

of course its a god time for doing the oca certification.
because it is used for your bright future when you are entered into the software company.