5. What is ecg? and what is the normal report?

electrocardiogram-helps to detect the electrical activities
of heart such as rythm, rate, normal report of ecg-sinus rythm

8. How many fingers do you have in your both hand?

I have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs in both hand.

9. There is a bucket with lots of marbles. Some are red, some are blue, some are green and some are orange. We dont know the quantity of any. With your closed eyes how many minimum number of marbles you will pick so as to 100% sure that atleast 2 marbles have the same colors?

arey its simple since there are four type of marble so if u pick four marbles they could be of different colors but when u pick the 5th one it has to be the one which we have picked earlier so the minimum no of marbles is 5.. hope u got it.. :)