1. What is the earliest coin of India?

1. Mauryan Coins
2. Punch Marked Coins of Janapadas
3. Bent Bar coins of Gandhara

3. What is the sheduld of janasampark adhikari,lekhapal exams,conducted?

the exam of janasamparkadhikari,lekhapap conducted by
dharmaday ayukta was sep-10

5. the largest no. of newspaper in india is published from which state?
1.kerala 2. maharashtra 3.west bangal 4.u.p

Uttar Pradesh had the largest number of daily newspapers
(384), followed by Maharashtra (206).

7. Why did you join MBA finance after B.Sc. bio?

mba welcomes all type of backgrounds bcz it is
management..so mba programmes are very useful to all type of
people.if we did mba we are also having chance to move in to
the business,it is evergreen for all type of background people.

8. What is a package?

Package is nothing but a ready made material.for ex Ms-
Office is a package.

10. What type of question will b asked in the sbi clerk exam interview?

as it is for clerical cadre questions will be easy only.
some personal questions basic banking question and little
current affairs. if u rank sufficietly high in written test
then job guaranteed

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