2. sanjay Aggarwal is the new chief executive officer of?

sanjay Aggarwal is the new chief executive officer of
Kingfisher airlines

5. In a single throw of two dice,find the probability of getting a total of 7?

By calculating all the probability of the dices the total sample will be 36 throws.

and to get 7 out of only single throws. we can get it in 6 throws[(1,6)(2,5)(3,4)(4,3)(5,2)(6,1)).

now divide the probable by total sample ie 6 / 36 where the probability for the outcome of 7 in a single throw is 1/6

6. What is the full form of ESIC? what proportion of
PF, ESIC, EDLi, TDS, BONUS, GRATUITY etc are been deducted from salary?

The abbreviation ESIC stands for "Employee's State Insurance
check this link for more
The deduction in salary against various heads are as given

PF: 12% of Basic+DA (Employee Share)
12% of Basic+DA (Employer Share)

ESIC : 1.75% of Gross Salary (Employee Share)
4.75% of Gross Salary (Employer Share)

EDLI : 0.5%

9. Multiply all the integers from -4 to +4. The product obtained is?

The answer should be zero as,

10. How to prepare & appear for gd & pis in exams?

the best way to prepare to gd is to read maximum articles
and reading section also watching interactive showson tv
and for appearing gd is to remain foccused ,determined ,and
above all assertive

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