1. What you do why you do?

It is part of my job as a copywriter to help define and/or express your brand in a way that your audience will remember. This question is not just to go on your "about page", it's about identifying your top selling points.

2. What is your budget?

If a writer opens up with this question, without any others, keep looking!
We need to know what needs to be done within your budget.
With that being said, this is an important question that any freelancer will ask but you need to pay attention to the context of how project budget is discussed.
Never give a freelancer full control over your budget limitations, because they will probably max you out. Instead, ask for an hourly or fixed rate proposal based on project details.
To be perfectly honest, I ask this question as soon as possible to eliminate the cheap bastards that want to pay less than minimum wage for my services. If nothing else, this question will save us both time and energy.

3. What is the difference between a copywriter and a web content writer?

Many web content writers are also copywriters. However, not all copywriters write web content. Web content writers specialize in writing to the very specific format of the web medium, which is unlike the marketing and copy writing formats for broadcast or print mediums.

4. How does your process work?

Once you complete our online contact form, we forward you the names, resumes, and hourly rates of web writers who match your needs. This usually takes anywhere from one hour to a couple days depending upon the size and sophistication of your project and requirements. You will then have the opportunity to interview or speak with the web content writer(s) of your choosing by phone to discuss your content writing project and their qualifications. Once you choose the writer you wish to work with, we'll send you a standard sub-contract agreement. As soon as you've signed and returned the agreement, you are free to begin your project.

5. What you know about the signs of good SEO writing?

SEO writing has to be informative and interesting to the visitors. It should also subscribe to certain norms that make it favorable for indexing by search engine crawlers. It is important that the writing is not artificial or contrived and stuffed with key words which do not flow with the text. SEO Content Copy writing specialists keep the overall theme of the website and the particular page in mind and maintain a balance between the two. Good copy is the highway to high SERP's.

6. Tell me how does SEO content writing help a website?

Good SEO Copy writing raises the rank of the site in the search engine results as it complies with the algorithms that make it attractive to crawlers.

7. What makes SEO content writing differ from other writing?

SEO Content writing is a specialized art and its techniques differ from copy writing used for other media like print, billboard, TV etc. The contents have to be planned and structured with certain requirements in mind so that major search engines can find and list the pages of the website.

8. Should I hire a local web content writer?

Unless the assignment is on-going or on-site, we recommend that you don't limit your selection to a local web content writer. The web writer best qualified for your project or with the best rate may live in another state. Technology and the global business community make it extremely easy for most of our clients and writers to live in different states.

9. Should I only hire a web content writer who has experience in my business or industry?

If your business or industry is highly technical then yes, you should consider a web writer with experience related to your field. If your business in not technical, then you should hire the web writer that best fits your project and has business-to-business or business-to-consumer experience, depending upon your needs.

10. Do I pay the web content writer directly?

No, you pay WAI and we pay the web content writer. Once you choose a writer and sign our agreement, WAI sub-contracts the writer to you. WAI will invoice you for the fees and/or hours. As soon as we receive payment from you, we pay the writer minus our fee.

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